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Developing strategic options for digital service company

01. Project objective

The client wanted to gain insights and inspiration from leading Chinese and Korean digital companies about trends, business models, usage, and offerings of services relevant to the client portfolio. And from there, to develop strategic options and recommendations to strengthen the client’s core business.

02. Approach and results

Within 48 hours, Consultport assembled a six-person team spanning Germany, Korea and China, with the required expertise and background for this project.

The consultants had previously worked for top consulting companies, company builders and digital-native companies.

The team developed insights through desk research as well as expert and user interviews. In particular the client workshops and a well prepared field trip, where the client met tech players from their relevant industry in China and Korea, brought excellent results.

03. Feedback

I was very impressed by the strong team. Each one of them was really good.” (Director of Business Development)

We had lots of ideas before, the project showed us what to focus on.” (Director Product)

Excellent results and highly relevant insights, I'm very happy we did this project with you.” (Senior Vice President)

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