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Specializing Vs. Diversifying as a Freelance Consultant

With freelance consulting comes flexible hours, the ability to choose one’s own projects, working from one’s preferred location, and most importantly, more time for ...

How to Create a Great Case Study Portfolio as a Freelance Consultant

A portfolio of consulting case studies is a powerful tool for freelancers. You can use it to showcase your authority and expertise in your ...

Mindset Hacks for Freelance Consultants: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

There are a lot of similarities between a freelance consultant and a large-business owner. Both freelance consultants and entrepreneurs need to build their own ...

The Playbook to Independent Consulting

This article has been created to act as a playbook for navigating the sometimes difficult waters of becoming an independent consultant and setting up ...

Kick Start Your Independent Consulting Career with this 6-Step Guide

How do you decide between branching out and starting your own independent consulting business based solely on your own merits or sticking to working ...

How to Market Your Consulting Business Effectively

If you are considering independent consulting work, the first question you’ll be asking yourself is, “How to market my business?” No matter how good ...

How to Conduct Effective Client Meetings

What do you think about online meetings? Do they make you nervous or anxious? Or do you feel like you may not be able ...

The Fundamentals of Starting a Career as a Freelance Consultant

Consulting is one of those industries in which freelancing is not just possible, but it also could be a better choice in some cases. ...

Should You Become an Independent Consultant? Here’s How to Tell

What is a consultant? Simply put, a consultant is an intelligent and knowledgeable individual who provides expert advice to companies. So, what is an ...

5 Steps to Starting a Freelance Consulting Business

Being a freelancer is very similar to running a small business. You have to find new clients yourself, you have to handle your accounting ...

Highly Paid Freelance Consultants Have These 4 Qualities

Consulting is an exciting profession in which one gets to experience different challenges every day, meet awesome people, and travel to new places. But ...

How to Become a Freelance Management Consultant (4 Easy Steps)

So, you have decided to become a freelance management consultant? Maybe you want to take on bigger responsibilities without getting involved in the corporate ...

Stepping into the World of Independent Management Consulting: Do’s and Don’ts

It's no secret that freelance consultant platforms have made independent management consulting more accessible. Independent consultants are now firmly part of the gig economy, ...

How To Become An Independent Consultant – The Complete Guide To Profitable Independent Consulting

The consulting marketplace has been transformed by the move to online systems and the rise of freelance consulting platforms. Opportunities for independent consulting have ...

How to Become a Well-Paid Digital Consultant (4 Actionable Tips)

Do you feel like you should be making more money with your consulting work? Do you often quote your age-old beginner rates because you’re ...

10 Questions to Ask Yourself before Starting your Consulting Project

There are more freelance consulting projects available than we might have believed possible just a short while ago. To a large extent, the COVID-19 ...

Let’s Be Honest – Should You Become an Independent Consultant?

Maybe I was jaundiced, or perhaps I’d been in the consulting game for too long? But the somewhat breathless promises about the benefits of ...

How to Become an Independent Consultant – The Answer In Technology

Some people’s strategy for becoming independent consultants is to quit their jobs and look for their first clients! Unless this is thrust upon you ...

Landing your first freelance consulting project made simple

If you’re brand new to freelancing, finding your first freelance consulting project can feel like a daunting task. With so many options for promoting ...
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