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Superior Skills for Project Manager Success

When working for a company, those in charge are bound to set specific tasks and projects that, in the end, if completed successfully, contribute ...

5 Types of Interim Executives Who Can Save Your Business

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘interim manager’? Well, most people think that an interim manager’s ...

4 Questions to Ask Consultants Before Hiring Them Through Online Consulting Platforms

Gone are the days when businesses could only find consultants through a few big consulting firms. The advent of freelance consultants and online consulting ...

How Freelance Consultant Platforms Are Disrupting the Consulting Industry

If you look up the work ‘disruption’ in the dictionary, you’ll find it to be synonymous with words like ‘disturbance’ and ‘disorder’. However, ‘industry ...

When in Doubt, Consult it Out

Digital trends will disrupt 84% of industries by 2020, according to a recent Harvard Business Review study. Now, we could throw statistics at you ...

Digital Consultants as the Shepherd of Your Company

Digital change is so widespread in our modern era that we might as well just call it “change”. Digital technologies have left an impact ...

Is Your Digital Consultant Capable?

Consulting has become a quite glamorous, idealized job, thanks to hotshot Hollywood movies and heightened interest around digitalization. Recently, we’ve seen global digital consulting ...

The 5 Things Independent Consultants Will Do For Your Business That Big Firms Can’t

When it comes to hiring a consultant, the big question is: Do I hire a big-name consulting firm or an independent consultant? Before you ...

Hiring a Freelance Consultant? Look for These 4 Things

So you’re thinking about hiring a freelance consultant? Well, welcome on board. You’re now about to join other smart business owners who don’t hesitate ...

Are McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and Co. Worth Their Money?

You. Yes, you, the person reading this article. You’re being seduced right now. Seduced by the branding and market positioning of giant corporations. But ...

Interim Talent vs. Employees vs. Freelance Consultants: Where to Find Them

So here’s the deal: You are a business owner and you have reached a point where you need to hire some more people. However, ...

Don’t Hire a Consultant Unless They Have These 5 Qualities

What makes an ideal consultant? Is it a big brand name? A master’s degree from a prestigious university? Or maybe someone that your friend ...

8 Qualities of a Consultant Who Has What It Takes

The best freelance platforms are only a few clicks away and finding top consultants has never been easier. However, the more choices you have, ...

How To Tell If A Consultant Is Right For Your Company Culture

How to tell if a consultant is right for your company culture? That sounds like a trick question. Why is that? Well, sometimes it’s ...

5 Wrong Reasons to Hire a Consultant

It’s very easy to find independent consultants these days. There are a lot of credible online consulting marketplaces that can connect you with hundreds ...

How to Find Top Consultants for an Affordable Price

So you have decided to hire a consultant to help solve your business problems. That’s amazing. Now the next step is to find top ...

Why Liquid Workforces are a Solution for Leading Companies

It is such a clever analogy to describe the trend towards a more flexible workforce as the liquid workforce. A liquid maintains its volume ...

What Freelance Management Consultants Actually Do (And Are They Really Worth It?)

You know the drill. Google the best freelance platforms and ring them up to find a consultant to assist you with your business situation. ...

Why (Smart) Businesses Hire Independent Consultants

“Should we hire a consultant or let the internal team handle it?” Chances are, this question might have been a part of your discussions ...

Freelance Consultants Are More than Just a Trend

Just as there are trends in fashion, there are trends in business. Be it digitization, open-plan office spaces, bean bag chairs in the common ...
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