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Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

John Ruskin

Top consultants

Top consultants are carefully selected


Our screening of applicants follows a criteria catalogue for top-tier consulting firms. According to this high standard, we invite less than 30% to interview with us.


Our personal one-to-one conversation with each consultant gives us a good idea of the person behind a profile. This enables us to find the best match for a project.


Applicants are asked for references from former employers and clients, so that we can understand how clients can best benefit from their support.

Quality assurance

360° quality management


We follow a proprietary feedback process designed to optimize our service performance.

Knowledge Center

We provide a set of tools and methods that grows continuously with each project.

Network activity

Our platform fosters knowledge exchange and network activities amongst our consultants.

Client-focused service

Client-focused service - fast, simple and personal

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A platform that offers companies on demand access to independent top-tier consultants and experts.

Our service is tailored to needs and project requirements of our clients.

The partnership with clients and network consultants builds on quality, trust, reliability and flexibility.

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