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FAQ for companies

With our extensive portfolio, we can provide consultants and experts for all types of projects, across virtually every sector and topic. We have a particular stronghold in digital topics. Just give us a call - we look forward to discussing with you what best suits your needs.
There are many scenarios where we can help. The most common is when you have a specific project for which you need an external consultant or team, or you have a resource gap for a particular project. We can help you with support on all levels, from junior consultants or experienced project managers, to senior experts or partner-level support. We can also successfully staff entire teams. Just let us know your requirements in the request form, or simply call us.
We work in a lean organizational structure, have an efficient setup, and we automate most of our processes. This allows us to focus on the quality of our consultants and client service, and at the same time offer very competitive rates compared to the top-tier consulting market.
Consultport selects their consultants carefully under aspects of an optimal network coverage. We aim to become better with each consultant and expert joining the team. We provide in particular a large variety of ,digital expertise' that consulting firms often lack. In some cases, companies need a traditional consulting brand though, to support project outcomes or run large transformation projects involving lots of coordination. In these cases, Consultport is the right partner for you by completing know-how and filling resource gaps in your teams.
Nobody except us and few selected consultants - it is not public at any time. Your online briefing (,request a consultant') is primarily visible for us and to consultants we feel who might be a good fit for your project. You have the possibility to brief us on important details that shall exclusively visible for us by using the according field in the online briefing form - or you give us a call or drop an email.
Absolutely. We believe in long-lasting relationships and support this. Just contact us for your next project need, and we’ll help arrange this with your preferred consultant.
There are many ways of running a project together. It will be important to discuss the setup, responsibilities and involvement of relevant stakeholders up front. The important thing is: your role towards the consultant needs to be clear and transparent to avoid any misunderstandings. We are happy to discuss your questions and provide you with guidance for a successful project.
As a client, you have a personal Consultport account manager who will be your first contact for any kind of matter. We’re committed to helping you quickly find a solution to any concern.
Firstly, we are very selective when we accept a consultant to our platform. Only independent consultants with a remarkable track record (e.g. based on former employers, tenure and proven expertise) will be able to join our network. Secondly, we try to make sure that the setup is good from the start, which includes a clear description of the objective and scope of the consultant requirement and projects. Thirdly, we try to be close to our clients and consultants, listen to them, and we are keen to continuously improve the experience for both clients and consultants. Our proprietary 360° quality management process helps us to identify improvement opportunities early and on a continuous basis.

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FAQ for consultants

It's easy: you apply as a consultant and fill out the online registration form. Provide us with some details about yourself, your expertise, qualifications and background. Make sure you fill out the registration form thoroughly, as this will be the basis for our review of your application. Once your application is received, we notify you within a couple of days about next steps.
Nobody except us. Your personal information is strictly confidential and not public. Only when you explicitly authorize us and pitch on a project, your profile data will be shared with the client. You can change your profile data at any time and adjust it according to the required pitch.
We provide you access to world-class companies and highly attractive projects that we carefully match with your interest and expertise. Daily rates depend, aside from your overall experience and seniority, on the fit of your profile to the project requirements.
Depending on your profile and interests, we will suggest to you interesting projects. You let us know whether you would like to pitch for a proposed project, and can provide us your brief pitch directly online. Once the client is interested, we connect the two of you in person. You will be able to discuss project details and get to know each other before the project starts.
We are committed to delivering a remarkable service to you and to our clients. Thus, we stay in contact with both of you and are there for you whenever you need us. Just call us or drop an email.
Sure, we are very delighted if you find your future work place at our partner's office. Please inform us and we arrange everything necessary for you.

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