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Business-to-Business Sales Experts are qualified salespeople who strategically pitch to your business’s target with a focus on helping your company reach its sales quota and also searching for other avenues to exceed the figure.
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What Do B2B Sales Experts Do?

People create new experiences which impacts needs and demands. Technology and intense competitions drive these new experiences. Regardless, businesses can take advantage of these new customer experiences to increase sales.

Additionally, a company might be in a similar position where there are opportunities but doesn’t seem to be in the best place to take advantage of it. A Sales Strategy Consultant comes in with fresh ideas, a broader view, and the sole purpose of creating an environment where turnover increases continually. This expert with vast industrial experience takes on a holistic approach towards optimizing both a company’s internal and external structures to meet this slight shift in demand.

Practical Use Cases

Most In-Demand Services of B2B Sales Experts

B2B Sales Experts, B2B Sales Experts
Sales Automation
Push your sales organization's digital progress and automate steps within your sales process
B2B Sales Experts, B2B Sales Experts
Predictive Analytics
Predict potential turnover generated by a customer and adapt your sales approaches respectively
B2B Sales Experts, B2B Sales Experts
Competitor Analysis
Gain thorough insights into your competitors' organizations and how they try to secure their competitive advantage
B2B Sales Experts, B2B Sales Experts
Pricing Strategy Refinement
Determine and establish new goals and objectives of your B2B pricing.
B2B Sales Experts, B2B Sales Experts
CRM Tool Implementation
Track every touch point with your customers and enhance data gathering and sales performance tracking
B2B Sales Experts, B2B Sales Experts
Sales Process Optimization
Streamline your sales organization and increase the team's efficiency

Why Hire B2B Sales Experts?

With B2B Sales Experts, businesses will have less difficulty in reaching their sales quota for a given period. These consultants also have more to bring to the table. Check out some of them.

Convert New Customers to High-value Clients

Most businesses' sale strategies are directed at creating more bonds with the previous client. This is down to the belief that these customers are familiar with your services. However, there is an endless list of companies to pitch your proposition. A B2B Sales Expert looks to generate new leads to market your services to. They rely on research, including leveraging on social selling, to build sustainable relationships with new leads.

Increase Your Existing Client List

Just as B2B Sales Specialists generate new leads, they also grow your existing client list. How? These experts look beyond short term sales. They aim to establish constant sales by strengthening the bond a business has with its clients. Additionally, B2B Sales Consultants look for avenues to increase the order values of your long term customers. More high-value orders equal more profit.

Differ from Competition

Let's face it, there are a lot of vendors a prospect can choose from. In some cases, value propositions are similar, so is the businesses' sales strategies. This intense competition inarguably makes it all the more challenging to attract a buyer. However, a B2B Sales Expert strategically sets you apart from your competitors when it comes to sales. First, the consultant evaluates your offerings, your customers and the interactions you have created with them over time. With this, they come up with a streamlined approach to engage your clients.

Right Price for a Deal

Prices sometimes drive some client decisions. Unaware of this, businesses lose prospects. A B2B Sales Expert helps your company determine the right price before interacting with your customers. They quickly analyze the structural size of the prospect, evaluate the industry, go through their purchase history, examine the intensity of the competition before concluding a price. This will increase the net price at the same time, crossing out the negative effect of price on sales.

Be Your Spokesperson

Nowadays, the B2B sales strategy is not centered around selling. Businesses want to buy from companies who listen to their pains and create a solution. In truth, this leads to more sustainable sales. A B2B Sales Expert understands this and looks to be a spokesperson for your company. The consultant creates relevant content for your buyers that help in closing better and more high-value deals. As a spokesperson, they create a relationship with the prospect, which reduces the skepticism that buyers often have when they encounter a vendor.

Contact Consultport today. With our top-notch consultant network and matching services, we can pair your business with an experienced B2B Sales Expert that can innovate the way you sell towards increasing sales.

Hiring B2B Sales Experts through Consultport is Simple

B2B Sales Experts, B2B Sales Experts
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of Our Experts
A Consultport manager will work with you to understand your business and project needs.
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B2B Sales Experts, B2B Sales Experts
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We’ll propose handpicked B2B Sales Experts for your project. Our average time to match can be as fast as 48 hours.
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Work with your new B2B Sales Experts. We take care of the admin work and are always there for you with personal support.


1. What makes Consultport B2B Sales Experts different?

Consultport takes pride in the detailed screening process that enables us to match you with candidates of the highest caliber. Our expert pool is chosen based on experience, personal interviews, and references. What does this mean for you? Handpicked consultants with thorough know-how for your needs.

2. Is hiring B2B Sales Experts through Consultport in less than 48 hours possible?

In most cases, we can propose a potential candidate within a few working days. It depends on the complexity of the request and the time availability of the consultants. We are always committed to providing you with suitable candidates as fast as possible.

3. What does the “no-risk, pay only if satisfied” mean when I search for Consultport B2B Sales Experts?

We are always fully committed to providing you with the highest service. Therefore, when you need B2B Sales Experts, we offer you the request, search, and proposal stages completely free of charge. Every consultant has a different rate, which we communicate to you, with no strings attached.
B2B Sales Experts are in High Demand

Tips on How to Hire B2B Sales Experts

Since prospects have become exceedingly more complex to deal with, a B2B Sales Expert can create a bridge between you and your customers that would further your transactions. However, you will need to know which of these consultants you should hire. Here is a checklist:

  • Understands the importance of marketing in sales: Business engages less and less with vendors. This is a new trend and a B2B Sales Expert knows this. Marketing enables you to reach out to your customers and direct their attention to your value proposition. A B2B Sales Consultant should understand the importance of marketing in getting deals over the line. The specialist would be able to create a strategy that sees your business utilize its marketing resources.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Social selling is the fulcrum of B2B sales in the 21st century. Pushing your products to prospects will give them more reason to ignore you rather than buy from you. Vendors need to connect with their customers thus creating a personalized experience with each. Since B2B Sales Experts play an influential role in lead conversions, they should be emotionally intelligent. This would help them connect easily with your customers towards ensuring sustainable high-value order deals.
  • Research skills: This prowess is as important as the ones above. Having a high EQ would prove redundant when the consultant lacks research skills. B2B Sales Specialists typically possess exceptional research skills to dig out vital information on a customer. The knowledge gained from this activity would help the expert better communicate with your customers.
  • Negotiation skills: In several cases, getting a deal over the line could be down to price even after dictating the right net price. A B2B Sales Expert is at the frontline during this situation. Therefore, you should look out for a consultant that has impeccable negotiation skills to get deals in a context where you increase returns while reducing cost.
  • Storyteller: Companies now rely on telling a good brand story to create a bond with prospects to gain brand loyalty. Yes, your marketing department should be doing most of the storytelling. However, since a B2B Sales Specialist becomes your business' spokesperson, even for a while, the expert must possess the capability to tell a good story about your organization.
  • Comprehends the demand and techniques associated with social selling: A vendor's primary sales tool amid the change in consumers' behavior is social selling. This approach is inarguable of huge relevance in the sales world, which a B2B Sales Expert understands. Moreover, the consultant comprehends the demands of social selling and the necessary techniques and tools to go about it effectively.
  • Active listening skills: An experienced B2B Sales Consultant is an active listener. Compared to passive listening, active listening enables the listener to focus on the present and utilize the knowledge gained from such an exchange. It helps the consultant learn about customers’ problems without them explicitly stating the issues. This situation further pushes the prospect in your direction as they feel your business understands and connects with them better.
  • Can search for new opportunities: A B2B Sales Consultant should have a knack for unearthing new leads. That is, the expert would have good networking skills to do this and knows how to generate referrals. What’s the point of going all out for consultants when you are not assured of growing your client list? A B2B Sales Expert prioritizes growing that list, creating new opportunities from networking, referrals, cold calling helps.
  • Decision making and time-management skills: Like managers, B2B Sales Experts should make decisions and be willingly accountable for any consequences. There are some decisions that a B2B Sales Consultant needs to take that could either make or break a huge deal. You would want to hire an individual who can easily make the right decisions without always seeking your contribution. Being good at making decisions also helps the specialist understand the importance of time when dealing with consumers. A slight time-lapse during interaction could turn the attention of certain clients the other way.


Business-to-Business selling is an entirely different practice today. A vendor would need what a B2B Sales Expert can offer to leverage on these changes and to increase sales sustainably. With Consultport, you can quickly navigate through a list of specialists and easily choose a consultant that would aid your business sales.